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Black Night ‘Shower CAPsule’ aka THE ‘SHIC’ SHOWER CAP

Kid's shower CAPs


Reversible silk hair CAPs


Reversible silk eye masks


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Reviews for hairCAPsule™

“As a hairdresser, I usually like to try different products and hairCAPsule™ Silk CAPsule will help my customers maintain their style at home for days”

"Absolutely LOVE the silk hair cap! My hair is normally frizzy, so whenever I wash my hair, I partially dry it, then wear the sleep cap to bed and wake up with the softest, smoothest is a little miracle cap. Love it "

“Love the close fit, the ease to put it on, no hurtful elastic pulling or grabbing on your hair. The fabric is nice soft and quiet (doesn't sound like rain on a tin roof). Stylish with the pleating at the front”

“Dries well. Very roomy...I have a lot of thick hair which fits in well with comfort”

“No wet hair after a shower, good coverage, even at the back!”

“It keeps my hair from getting frizzy when I sleep”

"I love all the products, they look chic, love the prints and the designs, they fit well. Really loved the value on the reversible silk cap,2 designs for 1. The mum and bub shower cap is my cute to wear with my little one"

Love this brand!! The fit and quality of their shower caps are incredible! Loved it so much I bought one for my 10yr old daughter.

Best Scrunchies ever! I bought the 3 pack Minny scrunchies and they hold all my hair- and I have lots of hair....these scrunchies don't lose elasticity like other brands. They are awesome! Love them!