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About Us

Welcome to hairCAPsule™

We’re an Australian born hair care and accessories brand creating stylish, timeless, re-imagined and sustainable products for ALL lovers of hair.

They say 'timing is everything' and in April 2020 amidst an incomprehensible global pandemic, two hair-loving ladies started a conversation that would propel them to bring their aspirations to life...."sustainability"..."hair"... "something for us"...


It was that discussion that led to the ‘AHA’ moment for both.  When you know, you know ...AND hairCAPsule™ was born.  

hairCAPsule™ is more than a product, it is an understanding of what this somewhat simple, ill-considered, item could bring.. and that is CONFIDENCE. 

Good-hair confidence!

With a genuine passion and belief in products that prolong that good- hair feeling and essence, while being kind to our earth by saving water, energy and waste. Minimising our footprint is our commitment to our planet. 


For the love of hair ...and the planet