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Reviews for hairCAPsule™

“The best shower cap
I’ve ever used!”.

I love this shower cap!! It’s been over a year since I first
purchased it and it’s still going great. Looks good and keeps my hair totally
dry in the shower.


'Best silk Cap'

“As a hairdresser, I usually like to try different products and hairCAPsule™ Silk CAPsule will help my customers maintain their style at home for days”


In LOVE with this pillowcase 

I am so obsessed with this pillowcase! Not only is it super cute but the quality is outstanding. My hair has been feeling so much softer and even my skin has cleared up tremendously as a result of using this pillowcase. Couldn’t recommend this product enough!


"Love my Silk scrunchies !"
I love my Emerald green silk scrunchies, i have thrown away all my scrunchies as these are the best I've ever had. I have thick curly hair so now my hair stays in place ,no more tangles and the print is gorgeous.


"No more bed head" 

Ever got a blowdry and then slept on it and wake up with the worst hair not knowing why?? Silk over any other pillowcase for the best way to keep your hair looking kink and frizz free! I’m So happy I purchased this, now recommend to all my clients!

-Allure Hair & Beauty

Beautiful AND practical!

Such a lovely and stylish shower cap! It’s pretty and works well. I'm loving it for keeping my hair out the way while I apply skincare or makeup as well as in the shower and it doesn't leave me with any annoying skin creases high on my
forehead. It comes with a handy little travel pouch too. A great gift idea also!


“Best shower caps ever”

I have tried sooooo many hair shower caps, haircapsule shower caps are amazing! Not only sustainable which is what us salon owners love, but also the
fact they fit so well, dry well, and keep your hair moisture-free while


"Beautiful gift for my bridesmaids"

Affordable and very stylish gift for my bridesmaids, also love the ethos of the company. Came beautifully packaged. Thank you will be purchasing from you again.


"Love love love!!"
Quality product, I have a lot of (thick curly) hair and the biggy scrunchies secure my hair really well.