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hairCAPsule™ was created purely for the love of hair and for the love of our planet.

With a genuine passion and belief in products that prolong that good hair feeling and essence and are kind to our planet by saving water, energy and waste.

We only uses eco friendly, sustainable materials in product and packaging, even down to the tape on the boxes and the address labels.

For hairCAPsule™, it's either natural or its recycled . Why, because it matters! It matters to us and it matters to our future generations. We aim to contribute by doing our small part. So what you buy from us is recycled or will be recycled and reincarnated into something else, at the end of its life (or use).

So, yes when your products is looking a little drab, lost it's lustre and doesn't make you smile any more, we'd like to take it off your hands...yes that's right, we want it back because we will do something with it.

We created our own program called RETURN TO GOOD, so that you don't just dispose of your hairCAPsule™ products, you send them back to us and we do it for you...well we do it in partnership with a wonderful group called Textile Recyclers Australia ( they do the hard work. So have a look at what we do, what we believe in and why it's important to us, to you and our future.

Minimising our footprint is our commitment to our planet. 

For the love of hair...and the planet


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